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Inclement Weather Policy and Procedures Memorandum
Inclement weather can be any severe or hazardous weather condition that may endanger our students, faculty, staff, safety and create transportation problems. In inclement weather, the Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Murfreesboro administration will examine weather and road conditions. It will decide on the cancellation or delay of classes. Every effort will be made to make decisions by 5:30 am for day classes and 3 pm for evening classes. However, changing weather conditions may require the institution to make cancellation decisions later than stated if warranted.
Primary sources for distribution of closing information will be the Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Murfreesboro RAVE Alert (text messaging), website ( ), the school's FaceBook page, and local television stations. Television stations broadcasting TCAT-M's inclement weather reports will be:
• WSMV Channel 4 Nashville • WTVF Channel 5 Nashville
RAVE: Be sure you sign up for the RAVE system through Student Services.
Please be advised that media sources vary in their response time to publicize the cancellation of schools' late openings. Therefore, it is recommended that faculty and staff members wait until at least 6:15 am to travel to their training location. Regionally, conditions can vary widely, with some localities experiencing much more weatherrelated disruption than others. TCAT-M allows full-time students to miss 42 hours per term before attendance affects financial aid or break policies. Part-time students' hours are based on a percentage and may vary. Students should talk with the instructor & or Student Services regarding the number of hours per term they may miss.
Following our mission and philosophy, the Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Murfreesboro will provide training and services under the school academic calendar unless weather conditions are severe throughout the service delivery area. If classes are not canceled, students are urged to use their judgment regarding attendance. When it is necessary to cancel classes, the institution reserves the right to extend the term's ending date to makeup classes. Students will also be responsible for any work that they miss due to absences caused by inclement weather.
Decisions regarding the cancellation of classes and activities at TCAT at Murfreesboro are made independently of other post-secondary schools or the local school system's decisions.
Faculty members are requested to inform their students of this policy and post it in their classrooms. Faculty and staff members should be aware that the institution is opening late; they should report on time or take annual leave. However, safety should be your most important consideration in traveling during inclement weather. Employees should call their immediate supervisor if they will be absent and always err on the side of caution