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Evening Courses

    The Tennessee College of Applied Technology – Murfreesboro provides community and evening courses related to medical coding, allied health, mechanical skills, Microsoft certifications, leadership and creative skills. These courses are part-time and typically meet once or twice each week. A link to the upcoming course schedule and a description of each course is below.

    Please note that Financial Aid is not available for these courses.

    The refund policy for these courses follow the same policy as our full-time programs.  To view this policy, please click here to view the TCAT-M Student Handbook and reference pages 12-13.

    For more information regarding community and evening courses, please contact:

    Kent Scoles
    615-898-8010 Ext.125


    Cindy Knierim
    615-898-8010 Ext.129

    List of Community Courses

    Last updated on September 7th, 2022 


    CLICK HERE to download the Fall '22 schedule of evening classes.

    To register for these classes first create an account and sign in.

    Then choose the application type "04 Spec Industry/Supplemental"