Student Handbook

Refund Policy

The College will automatically calculate and process a refund for any student that withdraws during the refund period. All refunds by direct deposit or checks are disbursed to the student from the Tennessee College of Applied Technology Business Office within 45 days of notification of student withdrawal.

Eligibility for Refunds:

  1. The change in a full-time student’s schedule which results in reclassification to a part-time student.
  2. A change in a part-time student’s schedule, which results in a class load of fewer hours.
  3. Voluntary withdrawal from the College within the refund period.
  4. Cancellation of a program by the College.
  5. Death of a student.
  6. Students administratively dismissed WILL NOT be eligible for refunds.

Title IV financial aid students (i.e. Pell, SEOG) may be subject to Return of Title IV refund policies. State aid program recipients are subject to institutional refund policies.