Student Handbook

Benefit Programs

The Tennessee College of Applied Technology is approved to provide training to students who have been determined eligible for the following benefit programs: Veterans Administration programs, Veteran Readiness and Employment Benefits, the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) WIOA program, and others. Eligibility determination must be established by agencies outside the College. Eligible students are normally referred to the College by the appropriate program agency.

Veterans Educational Benefits

These benefits assist eligible veterans and dependents of veterans by providing educational benefits through the Veterans Administration.  Eligible veterans and dependents of veterans should meet with the campus VA Certifying Official prior to enrollment to complete application requirements.  See the Veterans Assistance section of the Student Handbook for additional program details.

Vocational Rehabilitation Department of Human Services

The Tennessee Department of Vocational Rehabilitation provides funds for students who are physically or mentally impaired and can demonstrate that they may benefit from training. Eligibility should be established prior to enrollment.

Workforce Investment Act (WIOA)

Eligible students may receive federal assistance for books and supplies, transportation, and daycare services. Students should be assessed and certified by the WIOA office prior to their enrollment.