Student Handbook


The Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) system consists of 37 institutions. TBR's 13 Community Colleges and 24 Colleges of Applied Technology offer classes in almost all of Tennessee's 95 counties. The activities of the Tennessee Board of Regents System are coordinated with the Tennessee Higher Education System to achieve unity in the programs of higher education in Tennessee.

Tennessee Board of Regents
1 Bridgestone Park
Nashville, TN 37214
Tennessee Higher Education Commission
9th Floor, 312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue
Nashville, TN 37243

Tennessee Board of Regents Senior Staff & Board Members

Tennessee Board of Regents Senior Staff

Flora W. Tydings, Chancellor

Mike Batson, Chief Audit Executive

Russ Deaton, Executive Vice Chancellor for Policy and Strategy 

Alisha Fox, Vice Chancellor of Business and Finance

Brian Lapps, General Counsel

Heidi Leming, Vice Chancellor for Student Success

Rick Locker, Communications Director

Kimberly McCormick, Executive Vice Chancellor for External Affairs

Mariah Perry, Board Secretary

Jothany Reed, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Wendy Thompson, Vice Chancellor for Organizational Effectiveness

Tennessee Board of Regents Board Members

The Honorable Bill Lee Governor
Emily J. Reynolds Vice-Chair
Lizzette Reynolds Ex-Officio Regent, Commissioner of Education
Charles Hatcher Ex-Officio Regent, Commissioner of Agriculture
Bob Smith

Ex-Officio Regent, Interim Executive Director THEC

Thomas A. H. White At Large, East Tennessee
Mark Gill At-Large, Middle Tennessee
Mark George At-Large, West Tennessee
Miles A. Burdine 1st Congressional District
Danni B. Varlan

2nd Congressional District

Vacant 3rd Congressional District

Shane Hooper 

4th Congressional District
MaryLou Apple 6th Congressional District
Todd Kaestner 7th Congressional District
Kyle Spurgeon 8th Congressional District
Nisha Powers 9th Congressional District
Vanessa Pilkinton Faculty Regent
Ross Roberts Faculty Regent (non-voting)
Layah Garton Student Regent