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Job Training & Safety


About JT&S

The Tennessee Job Training & Safety Training program is a joint venture between the Tennessee College of Applied Technology in Murfreesboro (TCATM), Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association (TECA), and the Tennessee Municipal Electric Power Association (TMEPA). The program provides job training and safety training and support in health and safety issues for both municipal and cooperative utilities throughout the state of Tennessee. 

Our primary service is the monthly safety meetings conducted by our five instructors at each of the utilities in their area.  These meetings cover topics listed in the annual program schedule, as set by the coordinator per recommendation and approval of the advisory committee.

Another part of the JT&S program is the annual schedule of workshops held at the TCAT Murfreesboro campus.  These workshops cover six core topics including Basic Transformer, Advanced Transformer, Regulator/Recloser, Overhead/Hotline, Underground Rural Distribution (URD), and the Foreman’s/Supervisor’s Conference.  In addition to the six core workshops conducted, the JT&S program also conducts workshops covering Line Clearance Tree Trimming and Substations.  Attendees of these workshops receive certificates of completion from TCAT Murfreesboro. 

In partnership with TCAT Murfreesboro and the Tennessee Board of Regents, JT&S also offers select online safety training courses that can be used to fulfill annual OSHA requirements.  The flexibility of these courses through online access allows employees to initiate and complete the training during regular shift periods so that the training may fulfill OSHA requirements.

Besides the training, meetings, and workshops, the JT&S program also offers onsite assessments and audits and assistance with accident investigation and reporting, assistance with inspections from regulatory agencies, record keeping regarding safety training and documentation, and professional testimony in the event of litigation or regulatory hearings.  The coordinator and staff are credentialed safety professionals and are available to the participating utilities for conference or assistance at any time, all at no additional charge